The end.

I began this blog during the summer of my first year of medical school, it seems appropriate to end it now – the summer following my final year.

2 weeks ago I graduated and in under 2 weeks I will begin pacing the wards as a junior doctor.

I still cannot quite believe it, even my husband laughed at the idea when I first mentioned that I wanted to be a doctor – to be fair to him I was holding our 6 month old and covered in baby sick at the time! –

Anyway, here I am.

No longer can I hide behind the “I’m just a medical student, let me get the doctor for you”. I can’t get a friendly junior to do the cannula for me and I can’t decide to go for lunch when I like.


I know that the next year and especially the next few weeks are going to be unimaginably tough. I will probably regret having chosen medicine, shout at my kids more than they deserve, cry at my husband and moan to my other FY1 friends daily. But I will also try to remember the days before I applied for medical school when I used to  sit in hospital cafés, reading a book, dreaming of working there. My joy at learning new medical facts, the satisfaction of taking blood when a patient says “I didn’t feel a thing”, the pride of working for the NHS.

I have found myself in a privileged position where strangers will share parts of their lives with me and I promise to do my best for each and every one.

Thanks for listening along the way, it’s been fun.


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2 Responses to The end.

  1. Uncle George says:

    Keep the faith kid, you will be fine, honest.

  2. Congratulations H! So glad you made it through, we have been walking a very similar pathway, or rather jumping through the same hoops! The “Let me get the doctor for you” statement is spot on (Everyone looking at you expectantly in front of a deteriorating patient) but just remember your ABCs, you’ll be awesome. Good luck with F1!

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