The year that I gave up

With only 3 days left of the year, it is time to reflect on my ‘giving up’ challenge. I remember planning this fundraising challenge whilst waiting for a lecture to start in the early January days of 2016. I had already signed up for Dry January, but wanted to do something bigger in order to raise as much money as possible for Centrepoint. I sat in the lecture theatre and asked friends for idea’s of different things I could give up during the year. I have to take credit for the cutlery month though, that was 100% my idea (and also my favourite of all the challenges).

Once I had my list of monthly challenges and had set up my just giving page I realised I couldn’t really back out.. I started to get nervous about some of the challenges that lay ahead. In particular I was very nervous about giving up wearing make up for a month and giving up social media. But I did it, I completed all of the challenges and in fact giving up wearing make up was liberating and I didn’t have people running away from me screaming in horror as I’d imagined!!

Giving up chocolate was brilliant because I managed to get my chocoholic children to join in and help raise even more money.

The hardest month of all has actually been this last one, coffee. I didn’t think it would be too difficult when I initially put it on the list. But I’ve realised that I LOVE coffee, and going out for a cup of tea is not the same. For a start, I make the best cup of tea and no-one can compete so paying for the privilege of a mediocre cuppa hasn’t filled me with comfort or joy in the same way that a beautifully crafted coffee does. I am so very excited to drink coffee on January 1st and I cannot imagine ever giving it up again. COFFEE IS INDEED, A BEAUTIFUL THING..

Yes, I really am struggling without coffee!

All that is left to say is a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me and donated to Centrepoint throughout the year. Currently at a total of over £750 which is incredible. Still 3 days left to donate for those of you who would like to.

Thanks all and Happy New Year


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