The final challenge

I have been very poor at keeping my blog updated lately. Apologies.

I cannot believe that I am coming to the end of my fundraising challenge. A whole year of giving things up is nearly over. But before I can celebrate I have to get through a month without coffee.

I have been given lots of sensible advice by friends about how I should gradually reduce my coffee intake so that I don’t develop a headache.

I had planned to do this but have now realised that I only have one day left and haven’t reduced my coffee intake in the slightest. In fact it is probably slightly higher than normal because it is cold and there is nothing like a coffee to warm you up on a winters day.

Looks like I could be heading for an almighty headache!

The past month I have been trying my hardest not to complain and as it is still November I cannot comment on the challenges this month held for me. But let’s just say that considering it was the month when Trump became President – I struggled!

Thank-you everyone who has donated so far. Given the cold weather, the prevalence of homelessness is even more terrible and if any one would like to donate and watch me struggle without coffee I would really appreciate it.





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