finger food

I’ve done it. A whole 31 days without using social media! i’m pretty shocked that I managed to do it actually.

I have mostly found it a very positive experience. I like that I now read a book or watch a film and don’t check my phone at the same time. I like that I don’t feel the need to post photos of my day – in fact this time without social media has made me really wonder why I did this in the first place.

I like not wasting time checking pointless things.

I had all kinds of justifications when I explained to my dad why I liked social media, with him repeatedly calling me “sad” for using “bookface”. Justifications such as- it allows me to keep up to date with friends I don’t see very often, I like them to see photos of what me and the kids are up to etc.

But actually I could email my friends, there is no real need for it to be public, is there?

I do miss some things about social media though – I like being able to post political things and human rights issues that I feel strongly about and social media is a good platform to do that. It is a good place to unite people and of course it is a VERY good place to fundraise!

I miss the community of Twitter, where people are very quick to answer medicine related questions (useful during exam time) and you get news updates super fast.

But I think my usage of social media will change following this experience.

As for now, it is on to my next challenge. Without a doubt this will probably be the most fun of all the challenges. Starting tomorrow NO CUTLERY FOR A MONTH.

Here are the rules:

No knives, forks, spoons or chopsticks for eating.

I am allowed to use utensils to cook with – e.g. wooden spoon but not to eat with.

I cannot alter my usual diet so that I live off sandwiches and soup. I have to stick to what I would normally eat.

My first hurdle will be tomorrow morning, when I attempt to eat my beloved raw oats and milk without using a spoon.

Photos will be coming.

Please, please donate. I am not just doing this for fun you know (well, partly I am)!



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