I give up social media

Giving up meat for the past month hasn’t been as difficult as some of my other challenges. However, whilst I could happily live off avocado and spelt for the rest of my life the males in my family are eagerly awaiting the return of some meat to their diets!

And so tomorrow I turn to my next challenge- giving up social media for the month. No Facebook. No twitter. For an entire month.

Since I joined Facebook many years ago, I’ve not gone a day without visiting the world of social media. How will I cope?!

I started to wonder why I enjoy social media so much, does it make me horribly narcissistic  to enjoy posting pictures and life events online? Why do I feel a need to do this? Why do I spend time looking at what other people have been up to and ‘liking’ their photos? Why not just call them or meet them to find out?

Of course there is a time and place element to social media, I have little free time and many of my friends and family are too far away to be able to meet on a regular basis. Social media makes staying connected easy. But I cannot pretend that that’s all it is, because it does make me smile if people ‘like’ my pictures or my status. Why?

Do I need that validation?

I also find it interesting that those people who don’t use social media can be branded as weird and it has even been used in court cases as evidence of a persons’ isolation and inability to connect with others.

I am hoping that this experience will change the ways I use social media in the long term. Perhaps I will become ‘weird’ and ‘isolated’ and give it up forever?!

This will be the 8th month into my year of giving up and I’m currently at just over £400 for Centrepoint. Please keep sharing, supporting and donating, especially during this month where I will be unable to promote my project on FB and Twitter.


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