I’m almost half way through my year of ‘Giving Up’ so I thought I’d better update my blog.

It is also nearly exam time which means my procrastination game is strong!

As medical students we are always told to reflect, in our log books last year we even had a page to reflect on our hand washing skills!

Whilst I found reflecting on my hand washing a little bit ridiculous I have actually learned to really value the reflecting process, and not just in medicine.

Thinking back over these past few months and the various things I have given up has made me consider a few things

A) why do I enjoy denying myself things?

and B) how am I ever going to cope without coffee in December?!

With regards to enjoying denial, I think part of it is to do with the fact that it doesn’t sit comfortably with me to be better off than other people.

Now for those of you know my personal circumstances you will know that we are not financially in a good position BUT I do have somewhere to live, food to eat and family and friends. Therefore I am better off than a lot of people and giving things up each month helps ease my conscience. 

It makes me feel better.

There seems to be a slight distaste for those who give to charity or do things for charity because it makes them feel better… I’ve never really understood that. Why does it matter if you feel good about helping someone else?

I often buy coffee for homeless people or stop for a chat, why? It eases my guilt at having something that others do not. Is that wrong?

If both parties benefit from an act of kindness does it make it less kind?

Now I’m not going to pretend that this is the only reason I enjoy giving things up, it’s also because I’m highly competitive, love a challenge and cannot stand to fail at something I’ve said I will do. But it’s the easing of guilt that intrigues me most. 

Could we all use our guilt a little bit more?

As always please keep sharing and donate if you can

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