2 down, 10 to go.

Last day without chocolate! Hurrah!

I have Nutella ready and waiting for my toast tomorrow morning and I plan include chocolate in every meal.

I have found it much harder than I thought I would and I think that I struggled more than the children. I realised that when choosing biscuits, cakes, desserts etc I ALWAYS go for the chocolate option! The other choices are just a bit boring..

And whilst it’s true that I do like to eat a healthy diet and i’m not someone who will constantly be eating chocolate, I do usually have a little bit of it nearly every day, even if just a Jaffa cake or a sprinkling of cocoa powder on my coffee.

But enough about my sacrifice- i’m an adult. I really want to talk about my children and how fantastically well they did.

Firstly, to make it clear – they volunteered to do this! (although the idea of a pre and post chocolate party probably helped).

Secondly, they aren’t really allowed sweets (tooth decay in children has gone up for 4th year in a row- in case you’re interested!) so they have spent the last month without chocolate or sweets.

A couple of heroic moments worth mentioning:

My daughter coming home devastated during the first week because she completely forgot and took a bite of a chocolate biscuit given to her by a friend, she immediately spat it out and then donated her pocket money to Centrepoint. – that was her one and only slip up.

My son (who is only 5) turned down chocolate cake shared amongst the class, asked for his babycino “without chocolate please” and proudly refused the hot chocolate at forest school last week (despite the fact that it was freezing cold and all of his friends were having one).

I am overwhelmingly proud of what they have achieved this month and really appreciate everyone who has donated so far, it really kept them going. Each time I tell them about another donation their faces light up.

I think they are planning to join me on some of the other months throughout the year, so watch this space.

As for March- It is time for me to give up standing on the escalator. I had a practice run one day last week and by the time I got to the hospital I was shattered. Need to get better at it.

The first week will be a challenge as I am off to a conference in Glasgow and am flying straight after some lectures Wednesday morning. This means struggling up the escalators in rush hour with a suitcase- not sure London is going to be too happy with me that day. Apologies now if I bash your legs!

Before signing out I wanted to share a little bit about the amazing work that Centrepoint do:

They are currently supporting over 7,800 homeless young people for up to 2 years at a time. This allows them a safe and supportive environment to work through their problems, sort out long term housing, get back into education and employment, access mental health services, make friends and many other things.

Young people become homeless for a variety of reasons and some of the stories are too heart-breaking to share on here. But I urge you to stop and think about it and realise that this isn’t a way of life that has been chosen.

If you can donate, please do. It is really appreciated, please continue to share my blog and justgiving page and support me throughout the year.



But also, it is cold at the moment, if you see someone on the street and you can spare a few minutes – see if they would like a hot drink and/or some food. I have also attached the link for streetlink who you can contact about someone sleeping rough to see if they can offer a shelter for the night.


thanks all.



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