I would really like a glass of wine

Half way through my first month of giving up. I have to admit that I thought alcohol would be one of the easier ones to give up and whilst during the week I don’t really give it a second thought, when it gets to Saturday it’s a different story.

There is a bottle of red wine in the kitchen that I know my husband will be happily drinking his way through over the weekend.

3 more weekends to go and counting…

I’m also starting to get increasingly nervous about some of the coming months, especially April. Looking at myself in the mirror at 6am most mornings isn’t the best boost to one’s confidence and so a whole month without make-up… eek!

A few people have asked if I will wear tinted moisturiser or get my eyelashes tinted,

whilst all very tempting- it slightly defeats the point.

Anyway there is still a while to go before I have to face that (excuse the pun).

I have an entire month without chocolate to get through yet and seeing as how I cannot remember when I went more than a day without some kind of chocolate it’s going to be a struggle.

Please remember to share and support me this year. Donate whatever you can to an extremely worthy cause.




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