The year I give up.

No, not medicine [yet].

I’ve decided that having 2 children and studying medicine isn’t enough of a challenge so I’ve decided to give myself another one.

Twelve  in fact.

This year, instead of my normal blog (which, forgive me, I haven’t written for ages!) I will be boring you all with my year of giving up!

A couple of days into my first Dry January I started wondering if i’d be able to give up other things…

….and so an idea was born:  #12months12things

I will be giving up something new each month and blogging my experiences and photos on here. The reason I am doing all this (aside from being addicted to stress) is to raise money for the fantastic charity – Centrepoint.

They do an excellent job of helping young homeless people, a cause which should be close to everyone’s hearts as the problem is growing and could happen to anyone.

Anyway, you can look at my just giving page to find out more about the amazing work they do. Please give generously and share this blog AND my justgiving page etc as far and wide as possible.

This is going to be a HARD year!

I told my family over dinner this evening..

My daughter said ” you will NEVER give up social media mum” …

My son then said “i’ll do it with you mummy, but not the chocolate or television one. Is that okay?”

I have no doubt they will be keeping a close eye on me and making sure I don’t slip up.

I have to be honest, not looking forward to this weekend without my usual glass of wine at dinner.. but this is definitely one of the easier things to give up.

So to see the complete list of what I will be giving up please take a look at my page and donate 🙂

thanks all xxxx

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