Here I am sat shivering in Amsterdam airport waiting for my flight home from the Leiden medical student conference.

I am annoyed at myself for being so irritatingly organised that I now have an hour to wait before boarding. I could have been somewhere warm!

But enough of my self induced problems.

The conference was great fun….and also a little weird.

The weirdness began not long after my arrival, I checked into the hotel booked for me by the conference only to find that I was sharing a room.

Okay, I thought, that’s not too bad.

Off I trotted to find my room, opened the door and found one double bed.

Sharing a room with a stranger I had now dealt with, but a bed?


So I went back to reception to basically ask WTF?! (Sorry Nan)

Their reply was “well your roommate may not turn up”.

So I got dressed up for the grand opening of the conference and black tie dinner and left the room wondering if I’d have company on my return.

The opening was lovely, inspirational speakers from the Leiden medical school who infused the room with energy and passion for research. An incredibly welcoming faculty made me feel instantly at ease in a place where I didn’t know another soul.

The dinner was…interesting.

Either I am too much of a philistine to appreciate fine dining or it was just weird food. However, all was forgiven when they brought round delicious chocolate truffles with coffee.

Back to the hotel at past midnight and having convinced myself that there would be no one in the room, I confidently opened the door to find a bundle curled up under the duvet (sorry Anna, you are a lovely bundle!)

Poor girl was fast asleep and here I was stumbling in my high heels trying not to wake her!

Luckily my room mate turned out to be absolutely lovely and also from the UK so we were able to chat away and also practice our presentations during our stay.

I attended some great workshops at the conference and made friends from all over the world.

I presented my research this morning and whilst I didn’t win I got some great feedback on my presenting style which made my day.

In conclusion (as I am still in presentation mode!) This was a wonderful experience and I would really recommend other medical students taking part in research and attending conferences.

And now that I can no longer feel my fingers it is time to get coffee. So excited to see my children and it is mothers day tomorrow which means I get a lie-in, right?

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