All Change

Just as I thought I was beginning to understand heart and lung stuff, the rotation ended and it was Christmas. Now i’m back on a new rotation and this time it’s all about the abdomen with a bit of endocrinology thrown in for fun.

The way this rotation is organised couldn’t be more different to last term, last term we had a very clear and structured timetable, jam packed with teaching. This term the timetable is fairly empty and learning is far more self directed.

I spent last week in a complete panic, how on earth was I supposed to learn without regular teaching set out in a nicely organised timetable?
I like order.
And structure.
This was a whole new way of doing things. But during this second week I have realised that I might actually like this way of learning just as much, I have had to stop being timid and just go and ask people to teach me.

To my surprise it actually works, I have attended clinics, ward rounds, done jobs for nurses like taking bloods and spent an afternoon watching high tech diagnostic procedures.

It is pretty terrifying being given a huge hospital and being told “there you go, go and learn”
but wow, what a great hospital it is to have been given.

On the home front, whilst I have been distracted working in the hospital my daughter seized the opportunity to charm her father into letting her have her hair cut, SHORT!! It makes her look extremely grown up and as she grunts at me in the morning I struggle to believe that she is only 10!

But then she lets her guard down and I overhear her telling her younger brother poo and wee jokes and I breath a sigh of relief as I realise that she isn’t all that grown up after all.

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