End of term and I decided that the best way to celebrate would be to go and have an operation.
A kind of method acting for medical students!

Fortunately for me, it was a fairly routine operation and although the surgeon said I had “complicated anatomy” and I was under for 5 hours instead of just the 1 it all went fairly well.

I decided to have both legs operated on at the same time, slightly forgetting (or ignoring) the fact that this would leave me unable to walk at all for a day and unable to walk very far or very fast for a great deal longer.

Lying in the hospital bed after the operation knowing that I would have to press the call bell should I need anything was a strange experience. I wanted to adjust the height of my bed so that I could sleep, but being stuck in bed without the use of my legs made this impossible. However I couldn’t bring myself to press the button, it wasn’t an emergency and I didn’t want to cause a fuss.

A doctor friend of mine told me that medical students and doctors make the worst patients, is it because they think they know better or is it because they play everything down and don’t want to cause a fuss? I am definitely of the latter group.

Anyway the nurses were all extremely lovely and kind to me and I came home the following day looking forward to a week with my feet up…

No such luck! The kids, hubby and I were dragged down by the flu (and it really was flu!), bed ridden flu that we are still struggling to get over. The youngest child bounced back quickest which is a pain as he requires most attention so instead of having my feet up, I find myself having to do all the things I shouldn’t.

“It’s not fair”, I want to shout.. “where is my week of being looked after?”

Truth be told though, i’m not very good at being looked after, I prefer to be up and doing things. I get bored very easily and would rather be the care giver than care receiver.

Lucky then really, that in a few weeks the bruises will have died down and I should be able to run around the wards again as the second term begins.

It was good to experience things from a patients’ perspective but I think I prefer things from the other side – a good reminder to not ignore the quiet ones though, the “easy patients”, perhaps they aren’t so easy after all…..

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1 Response to Patient

  1. George Stoker says:

    I don’t know, the young people of today just do not have any stamina. In my day we would have shrugged off a bout of flu and got on with it!

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