Student Finance strikes again…

It has been a while since my last post and i’m afraid that this one may turn into a rant. But before that an update on my clinical experiences these past few weeks:

The pressure is on at the moment as we have end of rotation presentations to give and an exam to sit, not to mention numerous sign ups to collect in our log books and then there is the small matter of two, 5000 word essays for my SSC (student selected component). Christmas cannot come soon enough, if only because it will give me a chance to collect together and make sense of all the scraps of paper with notes on that I have accumulated in various pockets and bags.

I have had an interesting few weeks what with a visit to a prison and fainting in surgery!
I would like to point out that I have low blood pressure and it was very hot and I had been standing for ages and ummm and… ahem…um. But yeah, I fainted and my consultant did laugh. But one of the surgeons gave me one of their white chocolate cookies so it wasn’t all bad!

Have met some incredible patients over the past 10 weeks on this rotation and even those at the end of their lives have had time for a chat with me. This is something that I cannot quite get over – that despite being in pain, being scared and having numerous family members to say goodbye to, patients still allow me to sit with them and learn from them and that is an incredible privilege to have.

I wish that I could do all this without the added stress of student finance coming along and interfering in my studies. Their latest letter to darken my doorstep informs me that because my husband has decided to study part time whist looking after our children, they will be removing over £2000 a year from our grant. I could understand if he was working but studying? he doesn’t make money from that! I know I am not the only one to suffer from their ridiculous decisions and I really wonder- despite all the programmes to encourage people from poorer backgrounds to enter medicine- if things will ever change.
For as long as we have patients from all backgrounds, we need doctors to represent the same. Stop making it so hard!

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