First week? DONE!

Well, it’s Friday evening and I have survived my first proper week in hospital clinics. I am absolutely exhausted but buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm.
Finally enjoying a chance to snuggle up with my children on the sofa as they read and I can reflect upon my week.

I have been on ward rounds and pharmacy tours, attended teaching on radiology, cardiology and forensic psychiatry, spent time taking patient histories and doing chest exams and many other things in between.

I’ve loved all of it, but the best bit of has to be the time we get to spend with patients.
We have the luxury of not having time pressure (unless we are being watched by a senior) which means we can talk to patients for as long as they would like. I managed to re visit a patient a few times and it is really nice to be able to follow a patients journey and keep an eye on how they are doing.

And yes, there have been times where I have been totally in the way and when I have been asked a question by a consultant and just stared blankly back; wishing I could disappear but everyone has been so welcoming to us that I don’t feel bad for long.

I have certainly never been as busy as I have felt this week, everything that I hear is new to me or is in the back of my mind somewhere from a dusty lecture a year or two ago. Meaning that I come home with pages of notes of things to look up and learn. I run out of time every evening and so my list of things to look up this weekend is HUGE. But hopefully over time, common things will become familiar and I may even be able to join in a conversation with a consultant without being absolutely terrified!

So yes, I realise that I have only been there 1 week and that I wont always feel this positive but I will remember the lovely patients who were so kind as to let me speak with them and examine them when I still don’t really have a clue about this weird and wonderful world of medicine.

oh and I forgot the most important thing- I managed to bleep someone and it worked!

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1 Response to First week? DONE!

  1. Well done! It takes a bit of time right at the start of clinical rotations to get used to how the system works so you’ll become more efficient. If you move hospitals it starts all over again. Sounds like you’ve done loads, chest exams too?! It’s only a year ago when I was in your shoes but it already seems like ages. On the subject of shoes get some comfy ones for all the walking around. Congratulations!

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