Here we go again

Back to med school for the 3rd September in a row and yet at times I still struggle to believe that this is real!

I had a wonderful summer with family and friends and apart from the 1 week summer school in Obs and Gynae I really did very little work, for which I am glad as it was probably my last ever summer holiday!

– I do realise that still getting a long summer holiday at age 30 is pretty lucky, so feel free to remind me of this if I complain next summer-

Anyway, i’m here, year 3 has begun and as usual I am accompanied by fear and excitement.

The first few days have been packed with lectures and seminars that range from clinical examinations to how to protect yourself from being sued! Some have been engaging and entertaining and others have had so much content that they make me want to run away and hide because “How can I possibly know all that stuff?”

We have been given logbooks that have pages and pages of skills that we need to get signed off throughout the year and have emails flying left, right and centre.

I decided to do my Student Selected Module in Forensic Psychiatry because it really interests me, overlooking the fact that this involves a 2 hour journey each way every Thursday from now until Christmas (I seem to have a habit of making things unnecessarily difficult for myself).

I dislike the first few weeks of anything, I don’t like all the admin involved and the feeling of not knowing anything. I want someone to sit me down and tell me how the log book works and how we go about getting through everything this year, but as we keep getting reminded and I keep telling myself- we are in year 3 now and that means a huge shift in the way we learn.

No more lecture print outs to memorise..

So after another week of introductions and preparation we will be unleashed and allowed to patrol the wards of our hospitals. Luckily, having children means that I get to stay in the same hospital for the year (which does have it’s downsides too), so at least I should feel pretty settled by Christmas time (fingers crossed).

With regards to the youngest member of my family- he is starting school this year and will have his first day on Monday, gutted that I wont be able to take him but he is so excited about going that I am not worried in the slightest.

He said he is looking forward to getting homework so that he can sit at the table and work next to me, however if he is anything like his older sister, the novelty wont last long!

As I reminded him though, if he wants to be a Superhero (Flapjack man!), a football player, a pilot, a doctor and a builder he is going to have to work quite hard!

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4 Responses to Here we go again

  1. Em says:

    I love your blog! I am a fellow medical student who’s also a parent though my two are a little younger than yours! I’m not sure what med school you’re at but I am in London too – perhaps we’re at the same place?! Anyway well done for starting third year, very exciting! Good luck (not that you need it) and have fun (when possible…)!

  2. Em says:

    Hi again. Ah I’m also at King’s! I should probably email you rather than babble on here, not sure I can see a contact email but perhaps my email is visible to you? Ahh so nice to meet other parent medics!

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