Strike Day.

I seem to have well and truly settled back into “life of mum” over the past few weeks. School run 3 times a day, more playdates than I thought possible, school fairs, cake baking, playgrounds, libraries and the list goes on!


I keep meaning to spend my evenings doing something to make sure that my brain doesn’t turn to jelly but by the time the kids are in bed at 8pm all I want to do is sit down and read a novel or watch some T.V.

I have signed up for a week long summer school in Obstetrics and Gynecology in mid August so hopefully that will remind me that I am a medical student too!

The kids were off school today because of a teachers strike and I spent most of the day being amazed at their imaginations. The day began with a big ball of white wool that my daughter found in the bottom of her cupboard.

The wool was transformed into cable car lines between 2 dining table chairs with paper carriages carrying toy soldiers from one chair to the other. This game lasted a good 2 hours!

We then took the wool to the local woods and spent all afternoon making a giant spiders web in a tree, making catapults and escaping from the ‘white paint hand man” (my son came up with that one and i’m afraid I still don’t really have a clue!)

Don’t get me wrong- If I were to offer them a ball of wool every day i’m sure they’d soon get bored, but for me (Queen of planning!) it was a really good reminder that sometimes it is a good idea to just wait and see what happens..

So with that in mind, I have decided to try and not ‘plan’ medical text book reading this summer and I will just wait and see what happens too.

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