Clinical trials are not for me!

Regular readers of my blog will remember that I had signed up to take part in some medical research, well my first trial day was last week and it did not go as planned!

The day before the study I wasn’t allowed to eat any protein, this was harder than I thought as it turns out protein is in everything- bread, rice, pasta etc.

So I had a boring day of fruit and veg (and some sneaky chocolate!), then from midnight- no food or drink (except water).

The morning of the trial I felt very hungry as I left the house- cannot remember the last time I missed breakfast. I am a person who LOVES breakfast!

I traveled the hour and a half to the hospital where the study was taking place and arrived feeling hungrier and a little tired.

The first part of the trial involved me drinking a pint of water containing amino acids (building blocks of proteins) and taking HUGE amino acid capsules within 20 minutes. Now, perhaps I was naive but I wasn’t aware that this would taste DISGUSTING. There hadn’t been a mention of this in the subject info, and I am not sure I would have agreed to it if there was. I have never tasted anything so vile in my life, I cannot even begin to describe it. Not only did it taste as though something had died in that glass it also weighed really heavy in my body, it was a very strange sensation as I had been so hungry and then suddenly I felt as though I had been stuffing my face constantly for days!

I have no idea how, but I actually managed to get the whole thing down- I then had to fill out loads of questionnaires about my feelings and mood etc before having 4 hours to wait in a room before further testing.

Less than 15 mins into the 4 hours I started to feel very unwell and was violently sick everywhere!

I was sent home from the study and spent the rest of the day in bed, unable to move I felt so terrible.

Luckily by the next day I was back to my normal self but I will NOT be signing up for any more clinical trials this summer. NO WAY!!

I think I prefer it when I am the person conducting the research…. but it has given me a huge appreciation for everyone who goes through any kind of trial in order that the rest of us can benefit.




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