“I promise, we’ll do that after exams”

At last, I am writing a post that doesn’t involve me being stressed with work or worried about results or deadlines…..


I haven’t collected my feedback for my OSCE exam yet but I know that I passed 15/16 stations and the ones that were a clear pass and the ones which were borderline pass. It is strange because I thought I had a pretty good idea of the ones that I did really well in and the ones that didn’t go so well and yet my borderline passes were ones which I thought went the best..

It seems that it is impossible to tell how well you did in these exams and despite what we are told the marking IS subjective. 

But hurrah, year 2 is finally behind me, thank goodness because that was one hell of a tough year.

I am thoroughly relieved to have passed and am now enjoying blissful peace of mind.

Being able to relax would be nice but as I have spent the year saying to my kids “I promise we’ll do that after my exams” I seem to have every minute of my time taken up with parks, games, reading, play dates that I have ‘owed’ for months etc.

I do have a couple of holidays to family members planned and i’m not sure if they realise that I am aiming to get them to entertain the children whilst I sleep (Mum and Dad- I have already booked the tickets so you cannot back out now!)

Those of you who know me will realise that I wouldn’t be able to spend a whole summer without doing anything medicine related……

So this week I am taking part in a research study that looks into the effects of missing amino acids and eating disorders which means I am currently spending a preparatory day not being able to eat any protein – much harder than I thought it would be.

And as per usual I shall be seeking ways of funding next years tuition fees- so if anyone has any ideas for that PLEASE get in touch.

Over and out.


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