Crafty little mites

I have never worked as hard as this in my entire life.

I think pre-eclampsia, a long labour and then an emergency C-section were actually preferable to this. At least there was a big reward at the end of that hard work..

I am really quite bored of sitting in the same spot in the library, writing and rewriting my notes, making posters, flashcards, doing past questions and consuming way more than my recommended daily calorie intake!

The more revision I do, the more I worry about the very real possibility of failure, information falls out of my brain faster than I can ever hope to replenish it. It is all the small details that are so frustrating.

Ask me to explain concepts involved in any of the things we have studied this year and i’m pretty sure I would do a good job but a multiple choice question about a G-protein coupled receptor, where at least 2-3 answers look like they could be correct- ahhhhhhh!

So anyway, that’s where i’m at right now. 2 and a half days until the first exam. This time next week all exams will be over and I then have the wait for results.

Whenever I speak to friends and family outside of medicine about the possibility of me failing, their response is pretty much identical “oh you’ll be fine”

I want to scream ” I MIGHT ACTUALLY FAIL THIS TIME!!!”

 But then I remember it must be extremely annoying for them to have to listen to me moan the same moan, over and over and over again.

I have noticed that if I get annoyed with the children their immediate response is “are your exams over soon mummy?”

Which of course makes me feel guilty for the lack of time i’ve had with them recently and so I will read them an extra bedtime story – crafty little mites!

Right, back to work time! Anatomy, yeah! Wooh.. lets get excited people!!!


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1 Response to Crafty little mites

  1. I know how mind-numbingly tedious revision can be. Don’t I know it. But stick with it! You need patience before you can have patients. I won’t say it will be fine, but one way or another, the revision will end eventually (for the time being). There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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