1 down… 3 to go

I had my first ever OSCE today, that’s the practical exam that I have been harping on about for AGES!

I had the mix of stations that I had been expecting –  some anatomy, some skills based and some communication. I really enjoyed the ones where I had to take medical histories from patients or explore their concerns . Even though they were actors it felt like they were real patients and I think one of my favourite things in medicine is the patient interaction so I was pleased when they felt comfortable enough to disclose information to me.

I cannot pretend that all the stations went so well and I could kick myself for some of the mistakes I made, but fingers crossed I did enough to pass.

Whilst today has gone by in a flash, yesterday felt like the longest day ever, I had lots of notes that I wanted to go through one last time but my brain just wouldn’t focus.

I think I spent hours just staring blankly at my computer screen,  I am never very productive the day before an exam.

My children are quite sad that the OSCE is over, they love being my patients. Mummy revising for written exams isn’t quite as much fun as the mummy who revises for practical exams!

I did allow myself a few hours off this afternoon to spend with the family but it’s now back to full on revision as there is less than 2 weeks until my 3 written exams……

……….Following that I plan collapse in a heap for a few days!

Year 2 of medical school has been MUCH harder than year 1 and I am absolutely exhausted. Just hoping to keep the momentum going for another few weeks.

How I long to read a novel…… and sleep without having medicine related dreams….. and leave the house without 2 heavy bags containing laptop and pages of notes! 

Having said all that, I really do love it! Despite the stress and hard work, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else – keep your fingers crossed for me people because I want to get to year 3!


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