The 143 year old woman with a verruca!

Okay so I know I have been harping on about revision for ages now, but the time has come for…… “official revision”!

No more lectures, no more tutorials – in fact (providing I pass this year), my pre-clinical teaching is over. The tutor group I have been with for the past 2 years has broken up, many of whom will be doing a Bsc next year before going on to clinics and the rest of us will be sent here, there and everywhere in the South East.

As a parent I do get the option to stay in London for clinics (I say that with fingers crossed as I have submitted the request, but am yet to hear back), which for practical reasons is great but a part of me is a little jealous of the students without commitments who will be placed in the smaller out of London teaching hospitals.

I have 2 weeks until my OSCE (practical exam) and so practice with my children has stepped up a gear. My son has now perfected his angry patient, going by the name of Mr Bad – he screams at me before I even get through my introduction!

My daughter, not wanting to be outdone, does a great 143 year old with an annoying verruca!

When I said “and how is this affecting you?” she replied ” well I can’t climb my favourite tree in the park anymore”.

Whilst these “patients” are obviously ridiculous, it is actually pretty good practice at keeping calm when faced with the unexpected- which is exactly what the OSCE will be.

As for the written exams I have 4 weeks before those and my current method is: 1 topic per day (although I have so far failed to complete a topic in just one day!), I study my homemade flash cards, then write questions and answers  and then make a huge poster encompassing all the information for that topic.

The posters are going up on the kitchen walls so that I can’t even escape revision whilst cooking. The children get excited to see a new poster (they lead a deprived life) and actually tell me off if I haven’t finished one by the end of the day…

Aside from revision I……

nope, sorry. There really isn’t an ‘aside from revision’ right now.

Actually wait- I am taking a break tomorrow afternoon to go the “imagining the future of medicine” event at The Royal Albert Hall. My daughter is singing there with her singing and signing choir- KAOS.

This meeting of my 2 worlds is a very rare experience so I shall try and immerse myself thoroughly and not worry about revision.

Besides, it has ‘medicine’ in the title so I’m pretty sure that counts as work……..


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