End of the lab and begining of the panic

Had such a great day in the lab yesterday. The girl I work with and I managed to get through a series of complex experiments in just 1 day and ended up with impressive and statistically significant results.

I felt like a real geek, going home with a big smile on my face! But it reminded me of how exciting research is when you have days like that and your ealise that your data could be used towards something quite important in future medicine.

It almost makes me want to go into research, but only almost! Because I also remember the many, MANY days where there is nothing to do but wait for samples or days where you work really hard only to make a mistake later on that ruins all that work.

But worst of all are the days where the data isn’t what you expect it to be and yet your NO IDEA why.

We have actually got all the data we need now, so next week we will be analysing it and then it will be time to write up a paper and start looking for some conferences to try and present at.

I will miss being in the lab and although a career in research doesn’t completely grab me at the moment, neither does the idea of abandoning the lab all together. So perhaps I will be looking to combine research with practicing medicine in the future.

And with the end of my lab time in sight, it serves as a scary reminder that exams are getting closer and closer.

It is hard not to get sucked into the communal panic that takes over the medical school at this time of year.

Leaving the library at 4pm the other day I bumped into another student who asked me “where are you going?” to which I answered “home!”(whilst thinking- you’re a bit nosey, I don’t even know you that well!)

He replied with “going home already? Have you finished work for the day? Do you know exams are only 2 months away?”


Conversation is dominated by revision techniques, timetables and moaning about workload.

I will try and not get drawn into the panic too much and yet as my nearest and dearest remind me- I usually do better when I feel the pressure…. so a little of the hysteria may be good to kick start my revision!

I also feel like I should make a public announcement to apologise in advance for 2 months of my moaning, stress and failure to communicate about anything not related to medicine.



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