Is it just me….

….. or is the idea of having to write an essay in 30 minutes that you have already been given the title for slightly pointless?

Because that is what I will be doing at 9am tomorrow morning. 3 essay titles were given to us a couple of weeks ago, so we have to prepare all of them and then for the test we will be given one of the titles and just half an hour to write it. That leaves no time for thinking, so essentially it is a memory test whereby those who can memorise their 3 essays the best will perform better on the day.

Seems like a really odd way of assessing our understanding, but then as we keep getting reminded – med school isn’t out to trick us! hmmmm maybe i’m just paranoid but they do make things terribly difficult at times. Good preparation for the job though I guess?

We had a talk about year 3 and starting clinics last week and it got me really excited. I cannot wait to spend my days on hospital wards and talking to patients rather than sitting in this lecture theatre which has become my second home!

However I am trying not to get to get to carried away by the thought of year 3 as there is a HUGE mountain to climb before I get there. Not helped by the fact that  my kids school have decided that now would be a good time to try and do as many class assemblies, music concerts, school trips, cake sales, parents-child days as possible. Just in time to coincide with intense revision for end of year exams.

You can bet that once June comes around there wont be a thing going on at their school.

Luckily son was really impressed with the Octonauts birthday cake I made (he is only 4-so it doesn’t take a lot!)

But I have now been left with a cupboard full of coloured icing, so watch out if it is your birthday soon as you might get given a weirdly decorated cake or I may use it to make anatomical models of body parts to aid my revision… keep your eyes peeled……Image

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