My turn as the patient

So today I had to skip lectures as it was my turn to be the patient. I had to go and have an ultrasound scan on my legs to check the valves in the veins.

As predicted the valves in my long Saphenous veins on both legs are completely useless!

Which means I get to have the veins stripped or lasered and nice new legs for the summer.

I am never sure whether to tell medical professionals that I am a medical student, mostly I do because I just cannot help myself. Today the radiographer was so lovely and was slowly explaining to be how a valve in a vein works, that I thought I should just tell him and make his job much easier. So I did… and he was still just as lovely and then explained the scan to me in more detail and the whole experience was pretty educational.

Other times when I have “outed myself” as a medical student have not been so successful. A consultant I saw recently decided just to completely ignore what I had told him and then didn’t let me speak for the rest of the appointment.

So when I actually have my surgery I may just try and keep my mouth shut and get the full patient experience.

I have now had 2 weeks in the lab without making mistakes, not long left there now and then we should have all our data- next step is to start analyzing that data… a task that fills me with dread. Looking at the graphs and statistical tests makes me feel ill!

We are hoping to enter our research into some conferences this year though, so I need to get to grips with it. I also need to get a passport to attend the conferences! (my supervisor thought it hilarious that I didn’t have one…)

Getting to go to a conference abroad to present our research will be pretty much the most exciting thing I have ever done (geek that I am) so fingers crossed that works out.

In the “world of mum” my sons 4th birthday has come around much quicker than I thought possible and as per my usual style I have promised to make him an Octonauts birthday cake (weird cartoon about a polar bear, cat and a penguin who all live under sea in a giant octopod). So this weekend will be spent manically looking for youtube videos directing me on how to make it and turning my kitchen into a disaster zone.

If it goes well I will post a pic, if it doesn’t I will be running to the supermarket as fast as possible!





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1 Response to My turn as the patient

  1. I also wonder whether to ‘reveal myself’ when seeing doctors myself or with family! Sorry to hear about your veins, hope you’ll have stunning legs afterwards and that the Octonauts cake is a success!!

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