The singing, dancing doctor!

A few hours to go before I do another mock OSCE exam, this time it’s the official one put on by the medical school. I feel a little nervous but also have that familiar buzz that I get from exams (as much as I moan about them, I think I strangely them!)

Sitting here in my clinical dress I have started thinking about when I was studying performing arts at college (more than 10 years ago!) I got the same buzz from performing on stage, the same nerves and excitement building up whilst waiting back stage. Perhaps this is the link (albeit tenuous) between what I used to do and what I do now.

I haven’t thought about my college days for ages, It seems so alien compared to being at medical school. I used to spend my days, my life, training in classical singing, African contemporary dance, jazz dance, acting. I sang with a swing band, I performed in Christopher Marlowe plays. I spent weekends auditioning for t.v. shows. Looking back I don’t recognise this as my life at all.

But perhaps it isn’t so far removed. I’m not suggesting I am going to become a singing, dancing doctor!! But it is interesting that there are a number of celebrity doctors

And what about the famous comedians who used to be medics?

Do doctors like an audience? is that the attraction?

Having said that, there are plenty of people at medical school who really dread the OSCE exams, I don’t think they would agree that they were attracted to medicine because they like performing…

Anyway, these are just my thoughts as I try to distract myself from the exam. In fact I should probably be going over my notes…

but perhaps I will just sing a little song to my imaginary audience first!

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2 Responses to The singing, dancing doctor!

  1. Interesting background! I can imagine that OSCEs have many parallels with acting, e.g. remembering “lines”, appearing confident/empathetic and coordinating your movements smoothly when examining the patients. One of the hospital doctors who is also an OSCE examiner told me that the difference between those students who have and haven’t examined many patients is very obvious.

    So how did the official mock OSCEs go?

    • hcrazy says:

      I think it went okay, I need to work on my heart anatomy though! Was asked about the different coronary arteries causing different types of MI (lateral, inferior etc) and I didn’t have a clue!
      Otherwise not to bad. I kind of wish I had the real thing now rather than having to wait until May!

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