Reading Week and Captain Barnacles!

As of 11am tomorrow there isn’t any scheduled teaching for 10 whole days! Hurrah!

It feels like there hasn’t been a break since we started year 2 in September, due to the horribly scheduled mid sessional exam straight after Christmas.

So even though this isn’t really a break –  I still have to go into the lab on Wednesday and I have a formative OSCE on Thursday and obviously an endless mountain of notes and revision to do – it will be nice to do that without lectures for a bit.

A break in the onslaught of new information that my brain desperately tries to consolidate in its’ long term memory ( yes, I did have a lecture on memory this week!)

The issue with reading week ( and all revision weeks) is where do I work? I could go into college, but then i’d have to do the hour commute there and back (2 hours a day of wasted time).

I could stay at home but then my son is home from nursery at lunchtime which makes work impossible.

My local library is always freezing with intermittent WIFI. Coffee shops are good, but that means spending money.

Basically if someone would like to buy me a small flat with a comfy chair, kettle, toaster, desk and WIFI, I wont be offended.

Had a fun day in the lab this week, even though I managed to make another very silly mistake. I’ve realised that Wednesday is the day when I will inevitably spend much of my time feeling stupid in relation to everyone else who works there, it’s good for me though – it’s grounding and all that!

Luckily for me, everyone seems to make mistakes in the lab, its just that they are quicker on their feet and know how to rectify it far quicker than I do!

A friend of mine is coming to shadow me in the lab next week so that she can talk about it for her med. school application. I think I need to warn her about the mistakes I make, or maybe I will be so desperate to impress her that it will all go swimmingly……

…. unlikely.

And in my other life, the kids (okay, the kids and I) are very excited because Captain Barnacles and Kwazi from the Octonauts are going to be at Brent Cross shopping Centre this weekend.

Whilst other students queue for music tickets I will be queuing for tickets to see someone dressed up as a character in a children’s cartoon.

No-one can say i’m not rock and roll!

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