Mock exams and cornflake sandwiches

I am absolutely exhausted!! This has been a really hectic week.

It is 9.15pm and I have just got home from a mOSCE (mock clinical exam) organised by some very lovely students in the year above.

I am collapsed on the sofa with a cup of tea and some biscuits and I don’t intend to move for a while!

So, the mOSCE…..

….. I was more nervous than I thought I would be, considering the fact that it was just a mock. I think it was because they had set it up so well, with proper examiners and timings and everything. We had to rotate around 15 stations, each one had an information card outside stating something like ” you have been asked to take the blood pressure of a healthy 19 year old” or ” you find a man collapsed on the floor” etc. There were just 2 minutes in between stations – in order to move to the correct place and read the card, then you get 5 minutes inside each station.

Waiting outside is the worst bit because you don’t really know what to expect. Overall I did pretty well.

The stations I failed were:

histology – never going to be my strong point!

organ anatomy – a model of a heart with labels to identify, definitely something to work on!

and surface anatomy which I was very close to passing but the fact that it was a female patient threw me, because the patients were only student volunteers I didn’t feel it was appropriate to start prodding her breasts in order to find a heartbeat!! (thankfully in year 2 it is male patients for the real exam).

I am really glad that I had the chance to have a practice exam like this and feel much better about the real thing in April.

If only I felt as good about the 3 written exams in May that I have to pass….

In other news, I had a much better day in the lab this week, no mistakes (or none that were noticed!!) and I felt like I was really on the ball and understood what I was doing. It would be more enjoyable still, if I didn’t have the background niggle that I do actually have to write all my lab work up into a paper at some point!

I’ve missed the children a lot this week as I have been getting home after they’ve gone to bed, to try and make up for it I have managed to take them to school on a couple of occasions. This morning – fueled by their latest breakfast delicacy of cornflake sandwiches –  my daughter recited the “Wind in the Willows” audio book and my son did the sound effects. It was a very enjoyable 20 minute walk.

Right, I have run out of tea and biscuits so as soon as I can muster up the energy I shall drag myself off to bed!

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