For those who follow my blog regularly, you will remember that my last post was about pain and how I intended to conduct a very unscientific experiment into managing the pain of a headache without using medication.

Well, I can’t believe it but I still haven’t had a headache. I normally get one at least every other day so this is very unusual (not that I’m complaining). Perhaps the fact that I am consciously waiting for a headache is interrupting some neuronal pathway somewhere and inhibiting me getting one?!?

Then again, perhaps not.

I was back in the lab today, our experiment has been optimised so it was time to start collecting some data. Now that I am more familiar with the protocol I have got better at utilizing the time I have in between stages, either by prepping for the next stage or by reading some lecture notes in the staff room with a cup of coffee!It definitely didn’t seem as if I was waiting around as much today and the time went quickly. All was going smoothly, cells had been isolated, carefully counted, the samples in the tray had been meticulously prepared and then right at the last stage…..

……I messed up the experiment! i transferred the cells into the wrong place. Meaning that all the careful prep had to be redone.

I was soo annoyed at myself. My lovely supervisor was great about it, told me how it was good to make mistakes in order to learn etc but I still felt like an idiot.

Worse still was the fact that it happened just before it was time for me to leave (I have to leave the lab at 5pm so that I can get home and see my kids before they go to bed), so my supervisor and colleague were left to sort out my mess. OOPS!

In other news we have moved on to ears and eyes at med school. I studied both of these areas in my previous degree and whilst I can remember every detail of the ear from when I studied it years ago, for some reason the eye and visual processing have vanished from my memory. Why has my brain chosen to remember some things and not others I wonder…

As per usual when I cannot get to grips with something my brain panics and decides to represent this panic in the form of weird medicine related dreams. Last night it was the giant retinal ganglion cells trying to get in through my bedroom window whilst being stopped by lateral inhibition (in the form of humanized horizontal cells standing with their arms linked forming a barrier).

and on that note, I am off to bed to find out what adventures await me tonight!

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