Birds and the Bees

My son went running into his bedroom in fits of giggles at the weekend, he reappeared a few minutes later with a doll stuffed under his t-shirt (2 feet poking out the bottom) saying “bet you don’t know why my tummy is big!”

I decided to play along, “No I don’t, have you eaten too much?”

“Noooo”, he says trying to stop himself exploding with laughter.

“I think I will just sit here” and he sat at the dining table grinning from ear to ear.

He waited until I had glanced away and then pushed the doll out of his t-shirt on to the floor where it landed with a thud!

“ahhhhh i’ve just had a baby” he exclaimed and then started playing football with it.

This is very characteristic of my son who loves the colour pink and will happily spend time playing with cuddly toys and being very gentle and then next thing you know he is jumping off the sofa as Spiderman.

My daughter also has no strong affiliation to either male or female stereotypes, enjoying all kinds of play whether “girlie” or not.

I hope this remains with them throughout their lives.

However, seeing my son play at having a baby I did wonder whether I should tell him that only women can grow babies in their tummies.

I approached the subject cautiously (he is a sensitive soul and a piece of news like this could easily lead to upset), but needn’t have worried. Barely had I finished the sentence “Do you know that only ladies can grow babies….”

…..when he interrupted very matter of factually with his hands on his hips, “oh yes, I know that silly, I will just make a seed and give it to my wife and then she can make the baby with her egg”.

Okay…. problem solved.

I vaguely remember explaining this to my daughter about a year ago and I guess he heard, ironic as she (pretends that she) doesn’t remember and doesn’t want to talk about it.

I am prepared to hire him out for sex education classes, hourly rates apply.


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