The day before…

I always find it really hard to revise the day before an exam. It is as if my brain has had enough and needs a rest before having to regurgitate everything the following day.

The trouble is, that there is a lot I could be doing with this last day – practice questions, reading through notes, last minute cramming etc. I’m trying to force myself to work but I am easily distracted – recent distractions involve calculating how much money I have spent in Costa and Nero whilst revising there over last 4 weeks!

How I wish my local library was warm and comfortable.

Weirdly, I am actually quite looking forward to the exam, not because I am confident but because it will be a relief to not have to think about it when it is done. In-fact this weekend, will be the first and last guilt-free weekend until after my end of year exams in May.

Cannot wait. I plan to take the kids to panto and out for pizza and play games with them and go for a run and sit down and watch rubbish television and not think about ANYTHING to do with medicine for a whole 2 days. Hell, I might even buy a newspaper!!! What luxury.

Before I get carried away though, there is the actual exam to get through (2 exams if you count the clinical epidemiology paper that we have to take straight afterwards – but i’m not counting that…)

1 hour- 50 questions.

I know I will come out annoyed at all the things I have revised that inevitably wont come up and all the little details that will come up that I have decided to gloss over.

Actually, writing this post has been good for me- I  feel like doing some last minute revision now.

Results out on 16th, so wish me luck and watch this space…..

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