Seen and not heard?

We have been in Somerset for Christmas, in hind sight not the best idea just before an exam but it was nice to get away.

It is a 3 hour train journey each way and on both days of traveling we had “THE UK STORM”, meaning train chaos. However on both occasions we experienced little/no delay and no overcrowding. The thing about the train journeys that interested me were the other people.

Going there (pre-Christmas) everyone was in good spirits, people smiled at the children and strangers chatted to each other.

The journey home was a different story…..

Tired, grumpy faces.

Couples, post-argument sitting with legs and arms crossed away from each other and the attitude towards children had changed considerably.

Perhaps after a Christmas of being surrounded by nieces and nephews, people without children were sick of them?

I may be biased but my children were incredibly well behaved, they spent the first hour in silence watching the Gruffalo on my laptop, through headphones, I hasten to add.

After that my youngest started to play a game of spiderman and pirates, he was sat in his seat and the volume was no greater than loud talking- no shouting, no screaming.

The youngish woman behind us started tutting and then got out of her seat to ask me if I could tell my son to keep it down.

I have to admit I was shocked and pretty angry, I didn’t know what to say and before I could think of something she was back in her seat.

Not wanting to cause any trouble I let it go, I read my son some stories and told him, loudly, that he couldn’t play because it might upset the woman behind us. Her response was to put headphones in- why didn’t she do that to begin with?!

I also wondered a) why she hadn’t sat in the quiet carriage and b) why she had sat behind a family with young children when there were plenty of other seats available.

Should I have had it out with her or should I have gagged my son?

I understand that children can be annoying, very annoying at times.

I have been annoyed by my own and other peoples children on numerous occasions but this time was different, I was able to revise whilst my son played so I know it can’t have been too noisy.

So, should children be seen and not heard?

Are there certain places where children shouldn’t be? playgrounds and schools =  fine. trains especially during rush hour= Don’t go there?

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