The benefits of children

When people find out that I am studying medicine and I am a mum they often think I’m bonkers!

When fellow students (except the lovely Paula, another mum) find out that I have children, their usual response is “How do you manage?”

It is hard, yes. I have blogged many times about the added stresses of being a mum whilst trying to study. But there also many reasons why having young children whilst studying medicine is a great advantage and here is are some of them:

1.     1.  My children allow me to practice OSCE’s (practical exams) on them over and over again. I don’t know anyone else who would be happy for me to repeatedly put them in the recovery position or test their blood pressure. Not only that but they correct me when I go wrong “open my airway mum”, “check for blood loss”. In fact they know CPR so well that if it wasn’t for lack of strength I would be confident that either of them could perform it to perfection.

2.       2. Every Saturday is an enforced NON-WORK day. A day where the kids and I spend the day together, it doesn’t have to be anything special, just time spent with them. This Saturday we are going to the river to look at boats, soak up the wonderful South Bank atmosphere and meet with some old friends. This day off keeps me sane- just! It is important to have time-off and if I didn’t have the children I’d be tempted to attempt work every day which would probably end up being counter-productive.

3.     3.  I don’t have the worry of when to take a career break to have my children. A couple of weeks ago we had some fertility lectures and I had to laugh at one of the students in my tutor group who said that her “ovaries were crying out” when the lecturer spoke about declining fertility with age.

I wrote this list earlier today, sat in a café, without my kids.

Funnily enough, now that I’m home and one of them is coughing and lying listless with fever and the other is demanding I make a costume out of thin air for the school show, both of them asking when dinner will be ready……

…………..I’m starting to think maybe it isn’t so easy after all.

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