Holidays and Surgery

Nearly the end of 1st term of year 2. This time last year I was panicking about the forthcoming exam and wondering how on earth I would get through all that revision…

Now i’m……. panicking about the forthcoming exam and wondering how on earth I will get through all that revision!

Family and friends remind me that I passed last year and so I will be fine. “but it’s different this year I whine, it’s harder” and it really is. They then remind me that I always say that too. I cannot win.

It isn’t just me, college is full of stressed out faces and students on the verge of quitting.

I keep getting asked by non-medics, when I break up for the holidays.. “HOLIDAYS?!?!?!?” I want to scream. “What the hell are they?”

I will, of course be taking some time off. Next week my daughter is performing in her Christmas show -The Jungle Book (very seasonal?!?) and I will be stuck there for over 2 hours waiting for her to be on stage for all of 5 minutes!

Then there is the School Christmas fair this weekend, apparently I am going to be organising pin the tail on Rudolph for 3 hours!

Do you think anyone will notice if I wear earphones with anatomy lectures playing through them? – I guess that could result in some nasty accidents. Better not.

So yes, it is a little bit manic in my life at the moment. I know exams are getting close because I start to notice everything that is wrong with my flat…. maybe I should just clean behind that bookshelf instead of revising immunology of TB.

But do not fear readers, because Friday I have arranged a little treat for myself.

I am going to watch my first operation. Lung surgery. Have to scrub up and everything. I am beyond excited.

Just hope that I don’t faint!

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