Rude mnemonics

The moment we’ve all been dreading has arrived….

Head and neck anatomy is here.

I can’t even get past the first slide of the first lecture without wanting to cry! How many labels??

When I was at school the last week or 2 before Christmas break was all about parties, Christmas shows, school trips to pantos and generally messing around whilst the teachers tried to hide their end of term nervous breakdowns.

Not the case at med school, with just over a week until the end of term it is time for us to be given the hardest topic of the pre-clinical years. Introduced by a lovely yet apologetic lecturer “i’m sorry, there is no easy way to learn this, no shortcuts to be taken. This is considered really difficult anatomy”

However we were told about some mnemonics for the cranial nerves, but the one I have chosen to use is far too rude to put on here (my Nan reads this and I am told she was shocked when I used the word SHIT in a previous post – sorry Nan).

Some people don’t like mnemonics, but I find them really helpful, the ruder the better (again – sorry Nan). I may have to learn the whole of the head and neck anatomy in this way in order to make it bearable.

Only trouble is, I normally make big posters and stick them up on the living room wall.

Not sure the teachers or other parents at school would approve of my children repeating rude mnemonics in the playground…….

“but isn’t their knowledge of anatomy impressive?”, I’d say – is probably not gonna cut it.

Ok,I think posters may have to be restricted to my bedroom wall for this topic.

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