Blood loss and snow leopards

It has been a busy week and I realise that with my long days at med school and my daughters various play dates and after school clubs, we haven’t really had a chance to talk much this week.

Time for some action I thought.

Got home at 5.30pm to find daughter on her DS, “hey, how was your day?”, I ask. Daughter looks up and grunts – you know the score.

attempt 1 = FAIL.

Child 2, attempting to get my attention (still young enough to get excited when I walk through the door) runs around the living room with his trousers on his head shouting “there has been a blood loss from my head, I need you to open my airway!”

I’m impressed, he has obviously remembered the basic life support I practiced on him last week.

He then decides to put on his new Mr happy gloves and a cowboy hat and become a pop star playing air guitar…… I can only describe my son as an absolute nutter!

But back to my daughter, second attempt to engage. “Hey, I need some ideas for my blog”, I say. This gets her attention… “what’s a blog?”

I show her some of my past posts and explain that it is a kind of online, public diary. She is taken with the fact that I have been writing about her and her brother and that people have been reading it.

“hmmm, ok. why don’t you write about how cute we are?”, she says.

I tell her to think of something that is important to her. She disappears into her bedroom for a few minutes and reappears with 3 sheets of paper covered in signatures.

-Meanwhile, son has made a train out of toilet rolls and is on his way to rescue a Churt (see previous post).-

“what are all the signatures for?”, I ask.

She explains that she has set up a petition to save snow leopards and has taken it to all the children in her class, teachers and parents and have got them all to sign. She is then going to buy a stamp and post it to WWF to send on to the powers that be.

It is really good. I had no idea she had been doing this, my husband says that it has been the talk of the playground. Cool. My daughter, yeah!

I tell her that I will put it in my blog, she asks if she can have a blog.”I write stories about animals, I want them on a blog like you have”

Attempt 2-=success.

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1 Response to Blood loss and snow leopards

  1. Emma says:

    Maisie is such a sweetheart, but then she’s had good role models.

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