If only!

On Friday I worked pretty much solidly from 8.00am until 11.30pm. Probably my longest day of work yet and it wasn’t even revision.

They weren’t lying when they said year 2 was tough. It is the sheer volume and speed of things which makes it almost impossible to keep up. In the space of a few days we have moved from back pain and its associated neurology to fertility and conception.

But that is just the lectures, in between all this I have my film and medicine essay to write and oral presentation to give, a hospital visit and oh yeah about 20+ practical skills to learns for the OSCE’s (practical exams).

I know it can be done, otherwise there wouldn’t be anyone in year 3 – but seriously, HOW????

I would actually like to see my children from time to time!

During the back pain scenario we had a change of tact, a lecturer came in and dared to try out PBL (problem based learning) on us. The look of terror in the audience as they read the first slide “sit in your normal groups for this PBL exercise”.

The whispers began as the lecturer set up ” what? we don’t so PBL here” “what does it mean?” etc

So the young and enthusiastic lecturer started picking on people in the audience to give answers to questions, he told us to go away and research the topic and come back for the debrief in a couple of days with answers.

“If you don’t do any research, don’t bother coming”, he said “It will be pointless”

It was so interactive, I didn’t check my phone once!

I spent the next few days frantically researching back pain, neuroanatomy and everything in between. I made pages of notes and felt hopeful that I could give an answer should he pick on me during the debrief.

The day arrived, we had a normal “sit and listen” anatomy lecture first and then it was him, much to my amusement there was a mass exodus of students who were to scared to stay.

They needn’t have been fearful, It was fantastic. Firstly and probably most importantly – he brought chocolates! hurrah! Throwing them at people he wanted to answer questions.

It was fun and informative and I probably learned more about back pain than any of the other scenarios so far. Because instead of just going through printed notes and trying to make sense of them I had to go away and research. However the lack of strict direction with PBL means that come revision and exam time you don’t really know what to focus on for multiple choice questions.

Something in-between the two would perhaps work? I really loved the interactive lecture and could definitely do with some more of those to keep me on my toes and stimulate engagement  with a topic.

Anyway, being 9am on a Sunday morning I should get back to what any normal student does… sleep!

Oh shit, the kids.

Ok, playtime it is then, followed by work. Sunday day of rest? Pah!

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