Giant body parts!

My husband tells me that listening to other people describe their dreams is one of the most boring things ever!

I completely disagree. I find other peoples’ dreams fascinating, insightful and often funny.

But if you side with my husband you should probably stop reading now or else risk being bored!

My med school related dreams began during the application period. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual late for the interview kind of a dream.

But it was during the first month of medical school that my dreams started to get weirder. After a lecture on pH which nearly reduced me to tears, I had a dream of giant hydrogen molecules chasing me down the road demanding that I recite the Henderson-Hasslebach equation to them. I woke up in a cold sweat!

And since then the dreams have followed a similar pattern of enlarged body parts either chasing or taunting me. (No Freudian interpretations please….)

A couple of months ago it was a giant humerus bone teasing me because I couldn’t tell the difference between its’ trochlea and capitulum.

Then last night it was 2 vertebrae using me as the intervertebral disc and squeezing me until I herniated!

These dreams are almost becoming predictable, whenever I find something particularly challenging or if I am going to be tested on it the next day, it appears that it will become a giant version of itself in my dream!

My children find my dreams hilarious and tease me by re-enacting them.

Pretending to be vertebrae or hydrogen molecules isn’t something I ever thought I would see my kids doing, but maybe this should be the future of medical education? I certainly remember concepts more clearly once they have been in my dreams.






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