lets pretend it’s my birthday too

My daughter turned 9 today.

A great day for a birthday, if you had to pick any existing celebratory date for a birthday – this would be it!

Free fireworks going off all over London… and until she was about 5 I could get away with pretending that I had arranged them all just for her!

Other celebratory dates aren’t so good,

Christmas for example – rubbish time to have a birthday (Sorry to my brother who had the bad luck of being born on Christmas day).

And whilst I am on the subject of brothers, a lot of today was spent trying to stop my 3 year old son getting upset because it wasn’t his birthday too.

It began last week when I took him to buy a present for his sister,

“I know, I know. I can get her a Thomas the tank engine flag like mine because she probably wont like it and then she will give it to me and I will have 2!”

I tried to explain that when you get a present for somebody it should be something that you think THEY will like…

“I know, I know. ( with a sly look in his eye) She really likes this bullet train that makes noises when you press the button”

“Isn’t that the train you like?” I asked.

“no mummy. She looooves it” (big doe eyes looking up at me).

We eventually got out of the toy shop with an owl notebook and pen that i knew my daughter would like and a promise to write a letter to Father Christmas asking for the bullet train (which my son now admits he would actually quite like for himself!)

Today actually went quite smoothly, a few tears from the boy when he was told that he couldn’t attempt to break his neck by having a go on his sister’s new roller skates.

And when it was time to blow out the birthday cake candles he joined in and also made a wish……

his eyes screwed tight shut and fists clenched he whispered “I wish it was my birthday too”.

The world doesn’t always revolve around him, a very difficult lesson for a 3 year old to learn. But he did it well and my wonderful daughter was (mostly) kind and very tolerant to his jealous outbursts.

So, overall a successful day. But I am VERY glad I only have 2 children and only have to do this twice a year. Managing children’s feelings, sibling jealousy, teaching them life lessons…….


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