medical student syndrome

I have read about it, been taught about it, laughed about it, but now I have it.

Yes, I have come down with “medical student syndrome”.

I suddenly have every disease under the sun and am hoping for Google glasses for Christmas so that I can look up my new signs and symptoms instantly.

My G.P. smiles as I walk in, that knowing smile. “What have you been studying this week?”, it is her new approach to history taking when seeing a patient who is a medical student. That opening question can give her the diagnosis in under 2 minutes.

Not sure what she is going to do when I am studying the prostate though…

Luckily for me, this week was all about endocrinology with a case study on thyroid disease. I REALLY do have an underactive thyroid so that saved me my weekly visit to the doctors.

Next week is diabetes though and I can already feel myself needing to pee more frequently.

Luckily I haven’t yet got medical students syndrome by proxy and so my children are fine!

In an attempt to cure myself I shall be taking tomorrow off work to play trains, read books, bake cakes, help with homework and then collapse in front of the T.V.

a whole 36 hours off, starting from…. NOW!

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