role models

“”who are your role models?”

“who do you look up to?/identify with?”

I was asked these questions last week and was slightly concerned to find that I didn’t have an answer. I sat and thought about it and still couldn’t come up with anything. There are lots of people that I respect and admire for various things they have done but I couldn’t pinpoint a particular person.

It has been playing on my mind and I wonder if a role model would help give me more focus and direction. I’m not saying i’m lost in the wilderness or trying to find myself or any of that nonsense. But medical school is such a long process and can be all consuming, I think that role models may be of use along the way.

Thinking back over my first year, we weren’t offered many or maybe any candidates for strong, female role models. Perhaps that isn’t the job of medical school?

I accidentally stumbled across Professor Jenny Graves being interviewed on radio 4 this morning, a female geneticist talking about her work into sex chromosomes. I really enjoyed listening to this eloquent, passionate woman without having to worry about what “facts” I had to learn from it in order to pass my exams.

Another woman I came across this week is Dr Lucy Worsley, the historian who gave me great pleasure by informing me that the saying “sweet F.A” is not what I thought it was (look it up).

Both instances served as good reminders as to one of the reasons I love medicine, because I love to discover new things, new ideas, challenges to the way I previously thought my world was.

And whilst I am not running down the streets proclaiming that these two women are my greatest role models, I would like to thank them (and my friend who asked me the original question) for making me stop being bogged down by facts and figures and helping me remember that learning from others can be inspirational. Perhaps medical schools could encourage its students to find people they can identify with, without examining them on it!



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2 Responses to role models

  1. Martina says:

    Yes. And even ten years into practice I often wish I had a mentor. At UBC Medical School we had a mentor for the entire four years. Each mentor had two students from each year (ie 2 first years, 2 second years . . ) We’d meet a couple of times a year for the evening at her place. I’d love to do the same thing now.

    • hcrazy says:

      That sounds good, we have personal tutors but it isn’t quite the same. It would be great to have someone really inspiring and supportive. Wouldn’t even need to be in person, could be a person we are encouraged to read about etc. Qualifying seems a lifetime away right now!

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