More children…

I am a mum for the third time!

Don’t panic.

I didn’t give birth this time, I have inherited a group of first year medical students as my “children” for the year. A new “mums and dads” scheme they are trying out. I think it’s a good idea, wish I had a “mum or dad” from 3rd year to give me some advice on how to tackle year 2!

2 weeks in and I am surrounded by a pile of lecture notes and books already,

plus new additions to my “pile of stuff to help me study medicine” – a box of bones, a sphygmomanometer, a peak flow monitor a muscle poster and more strangely, a selection of DVD’s (by the way that list should be sung to the tune of “the twelve days of christmas”, only I will rename it “the first days of year 2”)

The DVD’s are for my student selected module where I have to research how the body is represented in popular film and then write an essay and give a 10min presentation.

So one day I am learning the carpal bones and the next I am trying to find meaningful quotes from “fight club”! the latter of which I never imagined i’d be doing at med school. I can see how it is helpful though, it makes you view the body in a different way from just a medical perspective. I only wish there were more hours in the day.

I know I have a lot on my plate because this week I missed “The Great British Bake Off”…..I can hear you all gasp in horror!

Its been a busy week for my little boy too, he started nursery this and is having a blast, it feels as if he has grown a couple of years in just a few days. He told me off for not sitting on the floor with my legs crossed and hands in my lap, “that is the proper way to sit, Mummy”

I have an 11oclock start Monday morning so it means I will be able to take him to nursery for the first time , I cannot wait and my husband is pleased too as it means he doesn’t have to get up for the school run!

Anyway, it’s late and as usual the weekend ahead will be packed.

G’night world x

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