Murder mystery

Have I really only been back at med school for 3 days? they weren’t lying when they said that the workload in year 2 was much heavier than year 1 – my brain feels like its’ been fried already.

Even more worrying is that the bizarre medicine related dreams that I usually only have around exam period reared their ugly head last night. 2 days in and i’m dreaming about a giant humerus teasing me about my lack of anatomical knowledge!

Never again shall I take my arms for granted (sorry, I mean upper limbs!) who knew they were so damn complicated. Seriously, how on earth do I remember all this?! Really wish I had done Latin.

I found myself getting really excited over the one bio-chem lecture we had this week, just so that I had a break from ‘dem bones!

Aside from all this moaning and panicking I am thrilled to be back. Tomorrow we have a seminar on history taking and this is the part of medicine I LOVE the most- talking to patients. Although I doubt it will be as easy as it looks, there seems to be a 101 questions to ask and all in a certain order whilst making it seem as if you are just having a chat… yeah, thinking about it, definitely not going to be easy!

In my “other” life as a mum, I appear to have told my daughter that I will be writing a murder mystery play for her birthday party in 2 months time. characters, scripts, everything!

“You could always just download one?”, my husband says..

“yeah”, I say, “I could…”

We both know that’s never gonna happen!

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