Trashy novels and Junk T.V

Year 2 is creeping up on me…

Only 1 week left of being able to watch T.V without feeling as if I should be reading books and making notes. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending many an evening watching Celebrity Masterchef and other such escapism. I have read trashy novels that require little brain power and been out for days with the kids without having to worry about the work piling up.

Summer, I will miss you. But on the other hand I am starting to get bored, I know this is the case because yesterday I got seriously excited about going to buy new pens and paper!

I had fully intended to spend the summer preparing for year 2 but other than the 6 week research project I have done very little. My friends in years above me tell me this is the best plan, everyone needs a break and after the first 2 years there is very little opportunity!

So yeah, year 2 is coming and it’s going to be really hard but for now I have 1 week left. School runs, parks, playdates, packed lunches, junk T.V and the odd guilt free glass of wine. Wonderful.

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