I am well and truly back in the swing of full-time motherhood. I seem to have forgotten everything to do with medicine and can only hope that it comes flooding back in September!

Have had a wonderful few days in London and as I pack my bags for a week at my parents house in the country with my kids, I find myself wondering which is best for bringing up children?

I lived in the country until I was 18 but from the age of about 8 I was planning my move to London. I spent a lot of time feeling bored when I lived in the country and yet when I look back on it now it seems brilliant and I remember having real adventures.

Bringing up my children in London I often feel guilty that we have a small flat, no garden, live on a main road etc. And yet the upside of this is that they are surrounded by and embrace a variety of cultures, they feel comfortable questioning things but not judging. I am not saying that this wouldn’t be possible in the country, but it is easier when surrounded by so much diversity.

Not only this but London has activities and festivals and things to do for free, all year round. When i’m in the country and it’s pouring with rain I struggle with things to do without spending money.

Yet, both my children constantly ask to move to the countryside so that they can have a pet and a garden and the adventures that they read about in books.  We go to parks all the time, but they assure me that it’s not the same as “real life countryside”!

Given that you cannot live in both places at once..

Where is the ideal place to live?

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1 Response to London?

  1. Emma says:

    I get very torn between the two, too. I have my best friends in London, job opportunities and access to cultural events and cultures that are so distant on the Island. Yet the Isle of Wight is unarguably beautiful. It’s safer, cleaner and quieter. All attributes you want when you’re recovering from an illness. It’s a conundrum alright!

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