I could be in bed!

A week of having the kids full-time so that my hubby could have a well deserved break and I am exhausted. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it mind due, but by this morning I needed a break. So, what did I do?




Don’t be silly.

I set my alarm for 6.30 am so that I could spend the morning observing a clinic in the children’s hospital.

Fumbling around for clothes whilst trying not to wake anyone, I suddenly remembered that this was a clinic and not the research lab I’d been used to during previous weeks. That meant smart, appropriate clothes that  were acquainted with my iron, not the crumpled mess i’d been allowed to hide under a lab coat.

I finally found one of my few “clinical outfits” and succeeded in leaving home by 7.15am with the family still peacefully snoring away.

As I fell asleep on the tube and was woken by the sensation of my head almost resting on my neighbours shoulder, I did question why I had signed up for this when a) I don’t have to do anything over the summer holiday for my first 2 years.

b) I have already done 6 weeks of research

c) I could be in bed!

Then I remembered, I love it. It is what I do, I work best when I work hard and I am a better mum and wife when I get to do things towards becoming a good doctor. So, whilst that means I don’t get to have a break or an extra hour in bed it does mean time with the family and time to work at my dream. Both of which make me smile 🙂

The clinic I attended was nurse led and the nurse was amazing. In one morning she saw parents and children who spoke very little English, a fairly aggressive autistic child, very anxious parents and much more. Without exception she dealt with them all calmly, professionally and switched between speaking to child and parents with ease. I got to play with a few of the younger children and help distract them and saw how observations were taken and learnt about the pre-operative procedures in a hospital.

Overall It was a huge lesson in communication and I left feeling as though I had learnt a lot from that nurse.

Straight home to grab the kids and take them out on their scooters for the afternoon. And after today, that really is it for medicine………..

until year 2 begins in exactly 1 month from now.

Well, perhaps I’ll just read the odd medical book or watch 24 hours in A and E ……

But that’s allowed, right?

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