Lessons from my children


Now that I have finished my summer research project I thought that this blog would be taking a break from “my learning experiences” and focusing on how my children learn.

Not long back in the “full-time mum seat” and I am realising that my learning isn’t just about what I learn at medical school. The first year was such a dramatic change from my previous life of being a stay-at-home mum that I threw myself into it 100% and whilst I haven’t been ignoring my children, I had forgotten how much they can teach me.

Yesterday morning, I was woken by the sound of giggling coming from the children’s bedroom. I sat up in bed and listened for half an hour to my eldest child making her younger brother laugh by reading a story and replacing some of the words with nonsense words. I couldn’t resist taking a peak and as I opened the door I saw that she had got down from her top bunk and climbed in with him. He looked at her adoringly and she gave him all of her attention, they stayed there for another hour or so whilst I reflected on what a kind and caring daughter I have and made mental notes to tell her this more often.

It has reminded me how important it is to live in, and enjoy the present and that even half an hour of attention focused completely  on a child can mean more to them than anything else.

If I am honest, after spending almost 8 years at home I think it got to the stage where I found almost anything more interesting than looking after my children.  Now that I have a part of my life which is separate from being a mum I cannot think of anything more interesting than being with them and watching them experience the world.

Today we took the scooters and went off for an afternoon ride, after about 10 minutes my 3 year old son stopped and started hopping around like a nutter because he had found “the biggest leaf in the world”. I forced myself not to hurry him along as I often would and instead found that I was getting excited too. My daughter found a spider and then spent 15 minutes theorising about how it was a brand new species.

I listened. I actually enjoyed it. The days are flying by. I am not spending money. I am not bored. I am learning. They are learning. We are all laughing – a lot.

And yes, I will be pleased to go back to med school and continue learning the ins and outs of medicine. But I will try not to forget how much I can learn from my children.

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