Starts and Stops


Last day of my summer studentship. 6 weeks have flown by. There isn’t actually anything to do today, so I will be clearing out my office and typing up notes on everything I have done whilst here (and maybe go for a cheeky drink later on).

I used to really struggle with things coming to an end, especially as a child. But since I have started this adventure into becoming a doctor, the end of something is usually closely followed by a new exciting beginning somewhere else. Getting used to starts and stops and constant change is probably what my life will be about from now on and whilst at times that is a little scary it is mostly absolutely thrilling.

I think that is why I have enjoyed even the “dull” tasks whilst here in the lab, I got excited about inputting our data into the macro program and watching it work it’s statistical magic! Ok, so I wouldn’t want to do it everyday for ever more, but it was something new to me and so I liked it.

My next new beginning will be the start of year 2 in just over a month. But before that some quality time with my children and a well deserved rest for my husband who has been amazingly supportive this past year.

Getting back into the swing of being a full time mum for a while will be a challenge but my kids are really excited and have been counting the days until “mummy finishes work” .

I got some good tips about science experiments to do with them and next week we are off to build a volcano in the woods! So i guess it isn’t a complete end to my lab work just a different direction.


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2 Responses to Starts and Stops

  1. Trisha says:

    Hopefully you can do some or at least one of these with the wee ones. xxx

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