Children and science

Only 3 days left here in the lab. One of the big things I will miss is having my own space. At home I never have anywhere to be able to sit and work or just think in peace and quiet.

Can i take my lovely little office with me?Image

My fat cells are still hanging on. I think they will stay in this quintessence for a while and then decide it’s time to die. I have given up on them now. The fat samples come from elderly patients who often have co-morbidities which may go some way towards explaining the unpredictability and unreliable growth of these cells.

But time to move on.

Yesterday I performed my very own assay on some HUVEC (Human umbilical vein endothelial cells).

It involves plating the cells with different concentrations of growth media and conditioned media to see what effect the various concentrations will have on tubule growth.

Most people had gone home when I was setting the assay up, late yesterday afternoon and so it was just me in the tissue culture lab and I really enjoyed it. Felt like a proper scientist. Will take a look at them this morning and see how the assay worked – hopefully I will get some good photos of the tubules.

I can’t believe that when I started my placement just under 6 weeks ago that I didn’t even know how to pipette and now I am performing my own experiments.

When I am back at home with the kids next week I think I will try and do some fun science stuff with them. I didn’t get to do much science when I was younger and as a result I think I became a bit scared of it, I’m hoping that my kids will be excited by what I am doing and be happy to have a go at things themselves.

*note to self – remember this post when they are trying to burn house down, change each others hair/eye/skin colour etc*

If anyone knows of any fun, child friendly experiments please let me know.

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2 Responses to Children and science

  1. anty132013 says:

    Have they read the Horrible Science books? I was addicted to them as a kid.

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