Doctor Who

Mega busy day today. Just how I like it. We did an assay on some co-cultured cells which involved many steps and a lot of things which had to be done within a time limit. This meant the pressure was on (not a lot to be honest, but I welcomed it- I work well under pressure).

We also had to collect some cells from the liquid nitrogen store, which I can only describe as something which should belong in Doctor Who. As i watch the lid being lifted off and clouds of liquid nitrogen spilling out, I am struck again by how much my life has changed in the past year. Can’t believe I get to do all this, it is so new and exciting to me. The PhD students laugh at me because I am so eager to do everything. We need blood for an experiment next week and I practically leap out my seat to offer my arm as the pin cushion.

Watching my blood in an experiment? YEAH!

My daughter has broken up from school for the summer holidays now and my husband is bringing the kids to meet me on my lunch break tomorrow. I cant wait, will be nice to see their lovely little faces during the day.

It struck me this morning that I’m going to have to start remembering how to be a full-time mum again soon! When I finish at the lab in a few weeks time i’m pretty sure my other half will be wanting a well deserved break and the childcare will become my domain once more.

The burning issue right now however, is, can i face getting up at 6.30am tomorrow morning in order to have time to go for a run before going to work?!

Answers on a postcard please…..

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