Hungry cells and embarrasment

Cannot believe that it’s Monday again and that I am already half way through my summer studentship. I shall really miss this place when it’s time to go (I fear it will be a long time until I get my own office again!)

I know that my family are looking forward to me finishing and having some time at home before September though. My husband is ready to throw kids into my arms and run when I get home in the evening!

The lovely little cells that I extracted from yet another fat sample on Friday have had a hungry weekend so I have given them a good “feed” with new media this morning. I also split some of the confluent cells, which is possibly one of my favourite techniques so far as it involves hitting the flask of cells very hard, repeatedly, in order to remove the cells from the sides. Good way to get rid of Monday morning commuter frustrations!

Have found a writing competition to enter, about my first year at university – there is prize money, which would do very nicely in helping to pay for my tuition fees. Medical school is not a cheap option – luckily my kids are getting used to being fed only once a week. (JOKE!)

Am going to meet my daughter’s teacher for year 4 this evening, I don’t get to spend as much time at the school now so it will be nice to introduce myself and see what he plans for the year ahead. Before I left for work this morning my daughter reminded me not to say anything embarrassing  when I meet him! I thought that being a young mum would mean that I avoided being an embarrassment, but I guess not!

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